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Get summer-ready with a program designed to have you work remotely for hiking fitness! Train for those big climbs and overnight camp hikes. Keep your joints happy and conquer the mountains with ease.

get those legs ready to carry your overnight bag up the mountain and back down!

The winter months have been slowly starting to disappear, and it it's place, comes the BEAUTY of spring! The cherry blossoms are out, the mountains are losing their snow, and everyone is up earlier and ready to carpe friggin diem!

If you don't have your summer plans already, Im sure that your adventurous side is going to catch up with you sooner than you think! Lets get you in hiking fitness shape because the mountains are calling and I have the program to get you fit to climb all the way up--- and back down. Get your hiking shoes ready, TIS THE SEASON.

My spring programming is all about getting you ready for those big climbs and overnight camp hikes, small workout style hikes (the chief, grouse grind) and keeping your joints happy and healthy both on the way up, and the way down!

This program strategy is designed to keep your knees healthy, hips happy, and get your endurance to a place where you feel comfortable taking little to no breaks on the big pushes to the peak. With workouts that change monthly, this app allows you to WORK REMOTELY,

track your progress and load, share a calendar with your coach, weekly check ins, and a shared group chat so you can find summer activity partners and share your adventures!

The importance of training before the hiking season begins speaks for itself. Do you want your knees to stay pain free on those climbs down? Do you want to feel like you can keep your heartrate from spiking and not coming down? Do you want to be able to carry a heavy overnight backpack for those longer days and incredible nights? TRAIN FOR IT!

Check out my latest post on instagram to be sure to sign yourself and your hiking partners up for a chance to win a free month of training!


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