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Why training for your wedding day starts NOW!

Over the years, I have been a part of many many bridal parties. As you know as a Bride or Bridesmaid, this means PARTIES.

From stagettes to showers, cake tastings and champange popping--- the last thing we want to have our Bride do stress about what they can and can't eat, how many classes they can't fit into thier already busy schedule, and how they just don't know how they will ever get their back to fill out the back of their dress, or their shoulders to grow a tiny bit more definition!

This is where cost meets success in the world of presonal training--- finding a coach that can program and design a program made for just that- toning your body in just the right places to suit YOUR body and make you feel amazing in all the places your dress hugs you.

I am the kind of coach who wants the work life balance... play hard because you work hard. Your wedding should be STRESS FREE when it comes to how you enjoy the journey there--- at least when it comes to getting in the gym and feeling great in your body. The rest can be a pain in the butt until its over, but how you feel walking down the aisle should be dreamy from the start.

Lets see if we can roll out some examples of how I can help take that stress away...

VACATIONS- Having a coach program for you allows you to take your workouts on the road

DRINKS AND FOOD- you will be so dialed into your program, that you will be grabbing for that glass of prosecco at any point your ladies want to treat you.

DRESS FITTINGS- start ahead of the curve, find your fitness and the dress all at once- set reasonable attainable goals for how you want to FEEL in that dress, and let me help guide you to acheive those goals.

YOUR SEX LIFE- Its no questions that with wedding planning comes stress--- the wonderful thing about exercise is all of the GOOD levels of endorphins get released to fuel you into wanting the down and dirty more often ;)

STAGETTES and PARTIES to celebrate YOU--- ENJOY these with less stress about what you are putting in, because you are putting out just as much if not more over the course of your time at the gym.

I want to help you enjoy every step of the way. Let me take away the stress of trying to hit every single class in the books, with little time to see changes, and help you on a progressive program that will get you results the right way. WITHOUT SACRIFICING THE FUN!

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